Carrageenan Linked to Seizures

July 7, 2018

"The medical approach to seizures is to take sedative drugs, often for life. However, I find that in most cases, the seizures can be stopped or significantly reduced with a complete nutritional balancing program. Sometimes the response is within a few days. In other cases, it takes longer, especially if a chronic infection is present...carrageenan causes problems for those prone to seizures. This is a common food additive extracted from certain red sea vegetables. It is used in many processed food products as a thickener and stabilizer. However, it causes inflammation in the body, and can cause blood sugar disturbance, as well..Inflammation irritates the delicate tissues of the brain, or sets in motion a seizure by other mechanisms. When inflammation is reduced, the seizures usually go away quickly..."
(Dr. L Wilson, Epilepsy and Seizures)




The Bible teaches us that God has ordained the herbs of the earth, field or ground. So-called sea vegetables are not ordained by God's manual as food.


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