Pesticides and Seizures

July 11, 2018

A few years ago, a study found that eating an organic diet for one week dropped pesticide levels in adults by 90%! The lead physician in the study observes:


"A lot of these [pesticide] agents were initially developed as nerve gases for chemical warfare, so we do know that they have toxic effects on the nervous system at high doses. Conventional food production commonly uses organophosphate pesticides, which are neurotoxins that act on the nervous system of humans by blocking an important enzyme. Recent studies have raised concerns for health effects of these chemicals even at relatively low levels. This study is an important first step in expanding our understanding about the impact of an organic diet."
(Dr. Liza Oates)


CBS news, on March 24,2015, reported:


"Family suffers seizures at Virgin Islands resort; toxic pesticides suspected..."


Why would anyone want to have these residues in the food we eat? Neurological problems often manifest in various ways, depending on the person. For someone prone to seizures, migraines, etc., it is even more crucial to not only eat a 100% organic diet, but to diligently study and know every ingredient, and avoid excitotoxins, etc.



Notice the following studies:


"Association between environmental exposure to pesticides and epilepsy...4007 subjects diagnosed with epilepsy over the years 1998 and 2010 were examined...A high prevalence rate of epilepsy was found in areas of greater pesticide use."



"Identifying and managing adverse environmental health effects...Pesticides...The primary routes of exposure for most Canadians, however, are by ingestion of small quantities found in most of the foods we eat...The systemic effects of pesticide exposure range from acute poisoning, with neurological effects, diarrhea and bronchial hypersecretion, to an intermediate syndrome of delayed neurological symptoms, to chronic effects including dermatitis, neurobehavioural symptoms and cancer...These effects vary according to the toxicological properties of the pesticide. Seizures are characteristic of poisoning with 19 different pesticides and may occur with 12 others..." (Sanborn, 2002)







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