Egg-Whites Can Inhibit Iron

July 24, 2018



God has designed the egg in a marvelous way. The yolk (chick) is protected from being infected in away that will not harm it. This is done by the white of the egg - it inhibits iron, killing infections, without harming the yolk:


"Eggs are deposited by birds and reptiles in places that are heavily contaminated by all sorts of bacteria...Eggshells needs to have air holes for exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide...Bacteria can enter the air holes...Therefore, the egg white has to contain a material that will prevent the bacteria from growing...the harmful bacteria need iron to produce their own DNA...The hen outs a protein into the egg white that traps any iron that might enter from the outside."
(Eugene Weinberg, Prof. of Microbiology Emeritus, Indiana University)


I have personally seen a great improvement in myself and others, in energy, and iron absorption, through avoiding egg-whites. The Bible teaches that eggs are good (when not raised with chemicals, etc). Whites are useful. Ancients often used them for antiseptic (see Shakespeare's King Lear play), and for mortar in churches, etc. But for people with low iron, low energy, etc., we should know that eating egg whites may be a problem. 


















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