Chili Peppers, Etc. Found to Inhibit Iron Absorption

July 25, 2018



“Iron deficiency is the most common micronutrient deficiency in the world…Iron deficiency, and consequently iron deficiency anemia (IDA)…develops when iron intake does not meet iron requirements over the long term. Children and women of childbearing age, with higher demands for iron due to growth and menstrual blood loss, are most vulnerable. Low iron status is more frequently observed in populations living on plant-based diets that are low in muscle tissue...Absorption studies were conducted in Thailand…None of the volunteers were anemic…[Chili inhibited iron absorption by 38%:]…This translates into an inhibition of iron absorption by 38% from the added chili… In this study we have demonstrated that freeze-dried, ground chili pepper…reduced iron absorption from a basic rice and vegetable meal by 38%...” (The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 136, Issue 12, 1 December 2006)



Nightshades such as peppers have been linked to arthritis and inflammation. They were not eaten by Jews in Bible times, and certainly not suggested by God in the Bible. Now we see another reason to avoid them. Anemia can have not only physical ramifications, but also lead to great emotional issues, such as depression, lethargy, and even paranoia. The sad, "standard American diet" is often lacking in iron already. And there is already so much that inhibits iron in this junk-food diet. Then, as these peppers are added to the meal, it is no wonder that low iron levels, fatigue, depression, apathy, and other problems, plague so many.


In the Bible, God has given the green herb. If we cannot eat the "green" part of a plant (as in tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc.), it is a good sign it was never intended for food.


Many plants have vitamins and minerals that are also filled with harmful substances. Some will kill immediately. Others will kill slowly. Others will make us weak. The Bible teaches that we should eat for strength (see Ecclesiastes).

















































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