Pregnant Women Found to Have Over 50 Gender-Bending Chemicals in Blood

July 25, 2018




"Study Finds 56 Suspect Chemicals in Average Pregnant Woman...scientists at UC San Francisco have found a way to screen people's blood for hundreds of chemicals at once...EOAs are widely used in pesticides and consumer products, and some, such as bisphenol-A, methylparaben, and triclosan, have chemical structures that are similar to hormones. They can cause endocrine disruption, which makes them particularly dangerous to pregnant women and their developing fetuses, since the chemicals may interfere with development...After the initial screening of the women’s blood, which revealed between 32 and 73 suspect chemicals per woman, the researchers used a more refined method to confirm the presence of a subset of these chemicals. They found six chemicals that had not been previously documented in pregnant women's blood, two of which – 2,4-Dinitrophenol and pyrocatechol – may cause genetic defects, harm fertility or damage the fetus, or have carcinogenic effects. Another chemical found in the study, 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol, is a widely detected estrogenic compound. It is used in food-related plastic products, as well as plastic pipes and water bottles. In Europe, it has been found to migrate from water bottles and electric kettles..."





After decades of warning people about these dangers, it is good to see more people waking up to the reality of this battle. Too many people are suffering, yet they continue to justify their passivity. This is likely a result of being "gender-bended." Radically do what is possible to avoid unnatural cosmetics, and foods with these chemicals, as well as plastic. God help us. God's soldiers have become plastic soldiers. 


Note: Nothing can make a male a female, or a female a male. But there are great physical and hormonal changes that can occur by use sin, wrong thinking, various herbs and certainly gender-bending chemicals. Save the children from such temptations and afflictions! 



































bottles and electric kettles made from chemical substitutes for bisphenol-A, an estrogen mimic that is being phased out.

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