Teas, Coffee and Cocoa Radically Inhibit Iron Absorption (Signs of Low Iron)

July 25, 2018




“Our findings demonstrate that herb teas, as well as black tea, coffee and coca can be potent inhibitors of Fe absorption.”
(Br J Nutr. 99 Apr;81(4):289-95; Inhibition of non-haem iron absorption in man by polyphenolic-containing beverages)


The study dealt with iron from a meal of bread. The iron inhibiting effects were sometimes as high as 90% or more!


How many Americans drink black tea or coffee with, or soon after, meals? The average diet is already lacking in iron. But then people rob themselves of whatever iron (and more) they could have absorbed.


Fatigue, irritability, inability to focus, paleness, shortness of breath, restless leg (fidgeting), irregular heartbeats, depression, paranoia, anxiety, headaches, craving ice (pica), hair loss, weight gain, low metabolism, are all common signs of low iron levels.


The Bible teaches that Christians should not be under the power of any substance. Caffeine is a drug that Christians should avoid. 


Yet, as the above study reveals, even good, healthy herbal teas can also inhibit iron from meals.


Meat, and vitamin C (natural) will help increase absorption of iron from meals. 





















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