The Bible Diet: Still Standing Above All Others!

July 27, 2018



"Weight-loss fads and eating trends come and go, but the so-called Mediterranean diet has stood fast. 'Among all diets,' Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health concluded in an email, 'the traditional Mediterranean diet is most strongly supported for delivering long term health and wellbeing'...Today, 65 years after Allbaugh returned from Crete, with modern America plagued by one of the highest obesity rates in the world and failing to meet life expectancy averages of almost every other developed nation, it’s worth circling back to the eating patterns of the ancients. For if the United States were to put itself on a Mediterranean diet, we would likely see huge improvements not only in human and environmental health, but also in rural economic stability..." (New York Times, July 19, 2018, Paul Greenberg)





To achieve the best possible benefits, replace the Mediterranean diet with the correct name - the Bible diet! Or better yet, the KJV diet! Follow the wisdom of the Bible - not only what to eat, but how to prepare it. We need a new awakening to the wisdom of the Bible - not only in spiritual and eternal life - but also in regard to the family, physical health, nutrition, etc. Instead of viewing the food combinations of Biblical characters as arbitrary and merely cultural, we need a renewed faith in God who wrote the Bible to give us all things that pertain unto life and godliness! We have forgotten His "benefits" as we are warned not to do in the Psalms. And one benefit is the wisdom of what things to eat so that our youth may be renewed. God not only provides us with food, through our labor, but He directs us in what to eat and how to eat it. 































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