Egg Whites and Biotin Inhibition: Neurological Problems, Dermatitis, Hair Loss, Diabetes, Etc.

July 30, 2018

Biotin is called vitamin H (for hair and skin). It is a coenzyme that is important for healthy skin and hair. It helps metabolize food into fuel. 


It is also called vitamin B7. Smoking and drinking alcohol can result in low levels of biotin. Signs of low biotin can be hair loss, or thinning hair, dermatitis and skin issues, pink eye, seizures, hallucinations, nervousness, brittle nails, depression, lethargy, numbness or tingling in extremities, etc.


One of the richest sources of biotin is egg-yolk. Ironically, egg-whites contain avidin, which binds biotin and keeps the body from using it. Egg-whites also bind iron (see the post on it).


It is said that heating the egg-whites will partially denature the avidin so it does not readily bind with biotin.


Low biotin levels have been observed in people who drink a raw egg daily. It is also important to know that the neurological symptoms can manifest at only slightly low levels of biotin. Therefore, things such as depression, seizures, nervousness, etc., may potentially be seen in people who eat egg whites, while especially with other factors:


"The neurological and psychological symptoms can occur with only mild [deficiency of biotin]..."
(Int. J. Trichology, 2016)


IBS (IBD, etc.) can cause biotin generation to be hindered in the body.


There are other potential toxins in egg-whites other than the iron and biotin agents we have discussed.


It is interesting that biotin deficiency was discovered in 38% of women who reported hair loss. It is therefore not as rare as some have assumed.


Biotin also aids in blood sugar management, as well as metabolism - turning food into fuel. Notice:


“The therapeutic efficacy of biotin was evaluated in 43 patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. The serum biotin concentration in the patients was significantly lower than that in the 64 healthy control subjects and inversely correlated with the fasting blood glucose level…” (


If I had blood sugar issues, I would start by avoiding cane sugar, HFCS, white potatoes, and white flour, like the plague; I would always eat my healthy carbs with proteins (as they usually did in the Bible); and I would avoid egg-whites, and concentrate on eating biotin-rich foods, such as egg-yolks, almonds, organic meats, etc. I would also beware of anything that lowered my iron levels and nutrient absorption, such as egg whites, phytic acid in grains, etc., and I would eat my meals with raw vinegar.













Egg whites were used by ancients for wounds (Shakespeare), and to make bandages by wetting cloth with egg whites (The Lancet, Volume 1, 1839). They were used for mortar, and often to tighten the face (externally, cosmetically). 


I plan to stick to eating lots of egg yolks (chemical free, etc.), and avoid egg whites. In doing this, I have already seen energy levels greatly increase. You can remove the egg whites with a spoon by scooping the yolks from a bowl and letting the whites fall back in.


Those with low iron, skin, hair and nail issues, neurological issues, metabolism issues, etc., may greatly benefit from avoiding egg whites:

"Can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt? or is there any taste in the white of an egg?" (Job 6:6)


What type of egg is he referring to? Are these two different statements? If the egg-white is tasteless, should we add salt, as with lentils, etc., or does he mean to avoid it altogether?


































































































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