Drinking water, etc., during meals found to raise blood sugar dramatically

August 21, 2018


After reading a recent study, I skimmed through the Scriptures and noticed that they almost always state that people ate, and then drank. The drinking is always subsequent to the eating (possibly). The Bible shows several places where people who were hot or thirsty drank without eating. But even in the "last supper" it reads, in Luke 22:20, "Likewise also the cup, after supper..." And in 1 Corinthians 11:25, "...he took the cup, when he had supped..."


Grape juice has iron-binding properties. This can certainly be good at the right time, since excess iron is not healthy, but destructive. Yet, low iron levels are not good either, and we certainly need to absorb the most nutrients from our meals.


High blood sugar can be a serious problem, leading to diabetes, heart complications, energy crashes, fatigue, irritability, excess weight gain, etc. Fertility can also be harmed by high blood sugar. The resulting diabetes can lead to low seed quality in males, and the pattern of insulin resistance has been linked to low ovarian function and infertility in women. 


Many people eat empty carbs, even with no protein alongside, contrary to what we usually see in the Bible (e.g., fish and honeycomb, fish and bread, lamb and bread, etc.). Also, using cane sugar or high fructose corn syrup as sweeteners are terrible mistakes. And there are other mistakes our culture makes that lead to high blood sugar, etc.


But something as simple as drinking while eating has been found to raise blood sugar significantly. Notice a recent study:


"Drinking water with consumption of a jelly filled doughnut has a time dependent effect on the postprandial blood glucose level in healthy young individuals...An elevated postprandial glucose (PPG) level in plasma or blood is a risk factor for chronic disorders like obesity, diabetes mellitus type II and related cardiovascular conditions...Thirty-five volunteers were randomly assigned to five groups. Group A was given a jelly filled doughnut and group B, C, D and E had a similar doughnut in combination with a bottle of water along with the doughnut, thirty minutes before, thirty minutes after, and a second doughnut with water thirty minutes after the first one, respectively...These results show that drinking water with consumption of a jelly-filled doughnut increases the postprandial blood glucose levels significantly compared to no drinking at all or thirty minutes before or after the consumption."
(European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism)


The rise in sugar levels was higher that ate the doughnut with water, than in those who ate TWO jelly-doughnuts with no water!


Drinking half an hour AFTER eating had the lowest rise.


From reading the Scriptures, this research appears to be most in line with what we see generally presented.


If not a hard rule, at the very least, this information may be helpful for people struggling to lose weight (since a rise in sugar triggers insulin to store sugars as fat), or for anyone struggling with the other health complications caused by excessively quick, high rises in blood sugar.
















































































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