Breastfeeding linked to lower stroke risk in mothers

August 23, 2018


"(Reuters Health) Breastfeeding may protect a woman from stroke later in life, and the benefit appears to increase with the length of time she nurses, a U.S. study suggests… Postmenopausal women who said they breastfed at least one child had a 23 percent lower risk of stroke in middle and old age compared with women who had children but didn’t breastfeed, researchers found... After accounting for risk factors such as medical and family history and age, researchers found that stroke risk got lower the longer women breastfed…”
(Aug. 22, 2018)


Comments: The Bible takes it for granted that mothers will nurse their infants, until the time to wean them. It is not surprising that researchers continue to discover the benefits of breastfeeding, for not only the children, but also the mothers. These benefits go beyond emotional bonding and comfort, but are also physical in nature. More curses arise when we try to outsmart the Creator, so that infants are given soy formula, etc., with who-knows-what, in plastic bottles - all linked to numerous health complications, including endocrine disruption.














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