The dangerous side-effects of Antibiotics

August 23, 2018


"Antibiotic side effects in kids lead to nearly 70,000 emergency room visits each year…Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications for children in the United States, but new research shows that they sometimes cause more harm than good...In a study supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the authors used nationwide estimates for outpatient antibiotic prescriptions and data…From 2011-2015, reactions and other side effects from antibiotics led to an estimated 70,000 ER visits each year. Most visits, 86 percent, were for allergic reactions which ranged from mild, the most common (rash, itching) to moderate and severe (anaphylaxis, angioedema, severe swelling beneath the skin)… Nearly a third, if not more, of outpatient pediatric prescriptions for antibiotics, are unnecessary, according to the CDC…While this study did provide a sense of how often antibiotics cause adverse effects, the authors caution that it likely underestimates the problem. After all, the analysis only included side effects that resulted in an ER visit…”
(ABC News, Aug. 23, 2018)



It likely under-estimates the problem indeed! What about the seizures, and the hormonal disruption, and the lowered immune systems - not to mention the antibiotics used in the animals that people eat daily (meat, dairy), causing adverse effects. Then, we have the rise of super-bugs due to these antibiotic, Franken-medicines. How many have been sent to the emergency room due to the use of cinnamon, and garlic and olive leaf, and other Biblical medicines? Why doesn't the mainstream medical community instruct people into the proper use of these healthy, natural medicines? Why don’t more doctors use them on patients? Of course, the love of money is the root of all evil. And the pride of power (control) is a factor, as well. Foods cannot be patented (though they are rapidly changing that, with the new GMO “foods”). Wake up folks. Study how to use these Biblical medicines wisely. Soon, it appears, the mainstream medical community will admit their antibiotics no longer work on the new disease-forms. 













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