Royal Jelly, Testosterone, and Male and Female Fertility

September 4, 2018


Royal Jelly is the food for the queen-bee. It is therefore a "super" honey of sorts. It may fall under the definition of "honey" in the Bible (in other words it may be included in it, along with what we normally understand as honey). In the Bible, the honey "comb" was eaten, along with the honey. This gives us some evidence that the products from the bee are all wholesome and healthy. Royal Jelly is slightly sweet and acidic. Honey in the Bible is seen as so crucial that God promised a land flowing with milk and honey.


However, there are numerous modern studies confirming the amazing properties of Royal Jelly. It has antioxidant abilities which protect against oxidative stress. This may be one reason it helps in male and female fertility, as well as raising testosterone in men. Notice some studies: 


Effect of royal jelly ingestion for six months on healthy volunteers…A total of 61 healthy volunteers aged 42-83 years were enrolled and were randomly divided into a royal jelly group (n = 31) and a control group (n = 30). Three thousand mg of royal jelly (RJ) or a placebo in 100 ml liquid/day were ingested for 6 months…Six-month ingestion of RJ in humans improved erythropoiesis [i.e., production of red blood cells], glucose tolerance and mental health. Acceleration of conversion from DHEA-S to T [testosterone] by RJ may have been observed among these favorable effects…”
(Nutr J. 2012; 11: 77.)


[Note: One capsule of Y.S. Eco Bee Farms, Royal Jelly, is 2000 mg.] 


Effect of Royal Jelly on male Infertility…Eighty–three infertile men were treated with Royal Jelly…twenty–two with 100mg Royal Jelly, twenty–one with 50mg Royal Jelly, twenty with 25mg Royal Jelly and twenty with pure honey…After three months of treatment, the sperm active motility, testosterone level, Luteinizing hormones level, sluggishly motile sperm…increased significantly in infertile men treated with Royal Jelly, while sperm count and FSH level increased not significantly...Royal Jelly is a hormonal stimulant…it is an energy enhancer for all ages…It also has a yeast inhibiting function, which may prevent conditions such thrush athlete’s foot. It is also used to treat muscular dystrophy. It also is boosting the body’s resistance to the harmful side effect of chemo therapy and radiotherapy…Royal Jelly also contains the gamma globulin, which helps the immune system to fight infections. A review of controlled studies concluded that in humans (50-100) mg Royal Jelly /day decrease total cholesterol by 14% of Triglycerides by 10 %...Serum testosterone level was increased significantly…Honey also significantly increased sluggish sperm percentage when used in a dose of 10g for 3 months…[Results in men] could…be attributed to zinc found in Royal Jelly…zinc deficiency causes low testosterone level while zinc supplementation can raise testosterone level and help increase fertility…This study also showed that Royal Jelly…slightly increased in sperm count…Royal Jelly also contains Larginine and carnitine amino acids which were essential for spermatogenesis…”
(Thi-Qar Medical Journal, 2007) 


Protective effect of royal jelly on the sperm parameters in adult mice treated with lithium carbonate… In the study, lithium carbonate treatment caused significant decrease in total sperm count…It was concluded from the present study that…RJ…enhance[s] strongly certain sperm function parameters of male mice…”
(International Journal of Medicine Research, Volume 2; Issue 2; March 2017) 


Protective effect of royal jelly on the sperm parameters and testosterone level and lipid peroxidation in adult mice treated with oxymetholone…In Oxymetholone group, sperm count, motility as well as testosterone concentration reduced significantly…while significant…increases in immature sperm, sperm with DNA damaged, and MDA concentration were announced in Oxymetholone group in comparison with control group and Royal jelly+Oxymetholone group. RJ caused partially amelioration in all of the above-mentioned parameters…In conclusion, RJ may be used in combination with OX to improve OX-induced oxidative stress and male infertility.” (Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine 4(1):43-52; July 2014) 


Royal Jelly alleviates sperm toxicity and improves in vitro fertilization outcome in Stanozolol-treated mice…Data from the current study suggest that RJ has a potential reproprotective action against ST-induced reproductive toxicity in mice.”(Iran J Reprod Med Vol. 13. No. 1. pp: 15-22, January 2015) “RJ improved reproductive parameters such as testicular weight, sperm count, viability, motility, deformity, DNA integrity, chromatin quality, serum testosterone and testicular tissue MDA levels in diabetic rats.”
(“Study on The Effect of Royal Jelly on Reproductive Parameters in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats”)


This is encouraging for men. However, Royal Jelly is called "royal" because it is food for the queen! Therefore, it is able to bless women as well as men. Notice: 


Royal Jelly Promotes Ovarian Follicles Growth and Increases Steroid Hormones in Immature Rats…The aim of present study was to evaluate the effects of RJ on a set of reproductive parameters in immature female rats…RJ promotes folliculogensis and increases ovarian hormones… Previous study showed that RJ treatment increased plasma progesterone levels in sheep…The effect of RJ on production of ovarian hormones was a significant rise in the serum estradiol levels in the groups treated with 200 and 400 mg/kg doses of RJ…In this study, administration of different doses of RJ to immature female rats led to remarkable increase in the serum steroid hormones…”
(Int J Fertil Steril. 2018 Jan-Mar; 11(4): 263–269.)


As will be seen in some future posts, Royal Jelly is in the same class as garlic, cinnamon, olive leaves, fig leaves, and frankincense (and so many other Biblical blessings). In other words, the question is, "What does it not heal?" 


We know that God is the Healer who makes all secondary causes work. But the Lord mentions eye-salve and balm and medicines. There will even be medicine in the coming Kingdom, where the Lord will be present in His glorified body. May we use what He provides for us in His wisdom, as we pray and trust in Him.
























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