Chemical cleaning products linked to obesity in children, disruption of gut flora

September 20, 2018


"Cleaning Products May Disrupt Kids' Gut Bacteria, Lead to Obesity…Canadian researchers have found a link between household cleaners and overweight children - a relationship that could be connected to gut bacteria…They found that frequent use of household disinfectants like multi-surface cleaners was linked to lower levels of Haemophilus and Clostridium bacteria, but higher levels of Lachnospiraceae in the gut flora of babies 3 to 4 months old. Significantly, their body mass index (BMI) was higher at age 3. Yet these same associations were not found with eco-friendly cleaners…”
(Healthline, Sept. 19, 2018)


It is already known that chemicals such as chlorine, etc., disrupt or reverse hormones in male and female, leading to obesity, etc. But this study, and others, reveal that these harsh chemicals also likely disrupt gut flora in an unnatural manner. This affects how food is digested and absorbed, and so much more.


It is safer to stick with vinegar, citrus-based products, etc, that are more natural, as God intended.


The Chemical Age was an arrogant mistake and tragedy in multiple ways. One day God will destroy those that destroy the earth (Revelation 11).


People that purchase harsh chemical cleansers, bath and beauty products, laundry, etc., are cursing themselves with skin issues, neurological disorders, stomach and digestion issues, endocrine disruption, and a host of other problems. It often takes only a small amount to create problems. These chemicals create an unnatural environment, internally and externally. Then there are the lung issues, where the chemical vapors and perfumes are breathed in.


Save your children, from all forms of unnatural, impure contamination.














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