Genetics shown to have very limited role in longevity

November 6, 2018


Family tree of 400 million people shows genetics has limited influence on longevity…Study of huge pedigree set suggests similar life spans between spouses may have inflated previous estimates of life span heritability…The research, [is] from Calico Life Sciences and Ancestry, was published in GENETICS, a journal of the Genetics Society of America…They ended up with a set of pedigrees that included over 400 million people - largely Americans of European descent - each connected to another by either a parent-child or a spouse-spouse relationship…How long you live has less to do with your genes than you might think." 

(Science Daily, Nov 6, 2018)


DNA has very little impact on how long a person lives. Any similarities among families in longevity are more likely a result of similar environment, lifestyle choices, diet, etc.

Solomon, in the Bible teaches us that a person may die "before his time," due to his sins or his foolishness (Ecclesiastes 7:17). He also reveals in the Book of Proverbs that long life is a reward of following the path of righteousness and wisdom. Therefore, it is not surprising that researchers would soon discover that the role of genetics in longevity is not as large as they previously surmised!


The Bible does reveal that in God's sovereignty, time and chance happens to all. And genetics can certainly come into play, to a certain degree. Yet, this research debunks one of the main excuses of the irresponsible and lazy. Too many (even among Christians) reason that, "When we die is written in our genes" (which is not as true as many have imagined, as the above study shows). Or, they argue, "We will die when the Lord takes us." While this is ultimately true in its place, the Lord teaches us that we can die before our intended time. He certainly knows the end from the beginning. But wickedness and unwise choices play a very large role in our health and longevity. God provides us with His ways, and His food choices, so that we may "renew our youth" to a high degree. 


There will always be people who point to some who have lived to be over 100 years old, who supposedly smoked and drank and ate cookies. They forget that such people are rare, and they may have lived to be 130 had they not harmed their health. Also, their quality of life (their strength, brain health, etc.) may have been much better had they not been irresponsible or foolish. 


Many people also often forget that many of these centenarians were raised on farm food, before the "chemical age." A number of them speak of drinking a cup of olive oil a day, and other healthy habits.


Let us simply trust God and be responsible, holy and wise, with all our might. And let us use every day He gives us for His glory.


None of us are guaranteed another day! Therefore, if you are justifying foolish, irresponsible living, eating and drinking, etc., on the basis of genetics, you are hanging on a very brittle limb! As this generation begins to further reap the folly and curses of the "chemical age," (along with the Me Generation, sexual revolution, etc.), many may experience in mid-life, what their parents or grandparents did not experience until decades later in life.


























































































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