Black plastics, fire-retardant items, etc. sources of iodine-blocking, thyroid-wrecking bromine

November 13, 2018


Bromine derives its name from the Greek word for "stench." Bromine competes with iodine in our bodies for the same receptors in the thyroid gland, etc: 


"Bromine, a suspected carcinogen, may further exacerbate iodine insufficiency since bromine competes for iodine uptake by the thyroid gland...and potentially other tissues (i.e. breast)."
(J Cancer. 2017; 8(2))


"In experiments with rats, we have found that at enhanced intake of bromide, bromine does not replace chlorine in the thyroid; it replaces iodine."
(Biol Trace Elem Res. 1996 Sep;54)


High bromine levels can thus cause problems in the thyroid, and can lead to neurological problems, cancer, etc:


"The study, published in Environment International, found bromine and lead in some of 600 consumer black plastic products tested, ranging from cocktail stirrers to children's toys...'There are environmental and health impacts arising from the production and use of plastics in general, but black plastics pose greater risks and hazards,' study author Dr. Andrew Turner said in a University of Plymouth press release...Since the majority of black plastic is used as food packaging or trays, the study has frightening implications for human health...One of the chemicals turned up by the study, bromine, is often used in electronic plastics as a flame retardant. A 2014 study published in Chemosphere found that bromine flame retardant exposure in children could be linked with cancer, diabetes, developmental disorders, reproductive issues and changes in thyroid function..."
(EcoWatch, May 30, 2018)


"Hazardous chemicals in black plastic food containers - New study detects bromine and heavy metals in black plastic food contact items...An article published on May 30, 2018 by science news provider EurekAlert! informed about a new study entitled 'Black plastics: Linear and circular economies, hazardous additives and marine pollution.' The study was published on May 17, 2018 in the peer-reviewed journal Environment International and conducted by Andrew Turner from Plymouth University, black plastic electrical and non-electrical consumer products including food contact items (e.g., thermos cups, drink stirrers, coffee cup lids)...Cr and Br were the most frequently detected elements and have been identified in 35 and 29 of the 129 tested food-contact samples..."


Bromine often shows up anywhere there are flame retardants, such as computers, electronics, mattresses, toys, clothing, curtains, etc. It is often used to sanitize hot tubs, spas, etc. The "new car smell" includes toxic bromine fumes. It is also in hair dyes, and (as we have seen in a former post), often in bread dough.


We should do what we can to abstain from such toxic chemicals. Some also argue that by increasing our iodine consumption, we can cleanse the body of bromine:


"Bromine competitively inhibits iodine in the body. What this means is that bromine exposure will cause the body to excrete iodine and lead to iodine deficiency. If we don’t supplement with extra iodine, bromine will continually replace iodine all over our bodies. Even in the thyroid gland, bromine can replace iodine. What are the potential consequences of this? The consequences of this include increased rates of cancer of the breast, thyroid, ovary, uterus and prostate. Other consequences of increased bromine exposure include autoimmune illnesses such as autoimmune thyroid disorders. My experience has clearly shown, compared to those patients who do not have a serious medical illness, those with health issues have much higher bromine levels."
(Dr. Brownstein)


Some also have found that temporary detox symptoms may be experienced when iodine goes up in the body, and the "bad guys" that compete with it are pushed out. 





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