Turmeric helps offset iodine-blocking goitrogens

November 24, 2018


In the attempt to avoid iodine-blockers, and thyroid-impairment, it is good to know that eating foods with high iodine can often help bring balance. Researchers have also found that turmeric appears to have anti-goitrogenic properties: 


"South Asian population has a particularly high prevalence of thyroid disorders mainly due to iodine deficiency and goitrogen use...Turmeric use was associated with reduced goitrogenesis...Our finding of turmeric use association with reduced goitrogenesis was unexpected. This finding supports the local belief that turmeric is useful in goiter treatment..."
(Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2015 May-Jun; 19(3): 347–350)


Milk, ghee, and other spices were also seen to reduce goitrogenic effects.


Turmeric can hinder iron-absorption, so perhaps it should be ingested in-between major meals.



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