A "Biblical" Diet: The key to Tom Brady's Success?

November 26, 2018


I am not up to date on football. I have never seen a game with Tom Brady (or any game in many years). However, I have read some headlines that caught my eye. I see that Tom Brady has been smashing sport's records for years. He has amazing agility and recovery in a sport that ages and weakens people very quickly. Long after most people's bodies have broken down, Brady continues to surpass modern expectations: 


“Tom Brady is now officially the oldest MVP in major sport history…”
(SBNation.com, Feb. 2018)


Again, he is not merely "enduring," he is breaking many records: 


“Tom Brady passes Peyton Manning for most NFL passing yards all...”
(Patriots Wire, Nov. 25, 2018)


“Tom Brady already has the record for the most wins as a starter thanks to his extensive postseason success. He now stands alone in first place for the most regular season wins, a record he broke in 2017 with his 187th career victory, which came over the New York Jets…He also owns just about every Super Bowl record, thanks to eight trips to the big game…Records owned by Brady: Regular season wins by a starting quarterback (199); Most touchdowns thrown to different receivers (71); Division titles (15); Playoff games started (37); Playoff wins (27); Playoff touchdown passes (71); Playoff passing yards (10,226); Super Bowl appearances (8); Super Bowl wins (5); Super Bowl MVPs (4); Super Bowl touchdown passes (18); Super Bowl passing yards (2,576)…”
(MSN.com, Oct. 5, 2018)


In light of the Bible, this is good, and may be bad:


It is good, because it demonstrates how a degree of good sense and discernment in regard to nutrition lines up with God's Word. The Creator tells us that He gives us good things to eat so that our youth may be renewed (Psalms 103). We see men like Caleb in the Bible, who in his 80's, was as strong as he was in his 40's. Brady is showing strength and agility in his 40's that many men only have in their 20's (in the context of the rough sport of football). And Brady's diet plan is very close to the Biblical pattern.


This can be bad because God and His Holy Scriptures may not get the glory due them. I have been eating this way for many years - long before I ever heard of Tom Brady (which was only a couple of years ago). But what people discover outside the Bible can still affirm the wisdom of God, especially when they demonstrate the value of it before the eyes of the world. 


Tom Brady calls attention to his diet as the major key to his success, in regard to agility, etc. He calls it an "anti-inflammation diet." And although he is not in perfect conformity with the Bible nutritionally, he is very close to its principles. 


Let us examine Brady's diet plan: 


“Tom Brady says an anti-inflammation diet is good for him. Would it work for you? Tom Brady says the secret to his success includes avoiding mushrooms, tomatoes and eggplants. The New England Patriots quarterback also limits dairy, gluten, white sugar, white flour, processed sweets, condiments, alcohol and salt... Instead, Brady eats mostly fresh, local and organic fruit and vegetables…His staples also include wild fish and free-range, hormone-free meat, along with whole grains, nuts…”
(Washington Post, Nov. 5, 2017)


Brady also rightly and wisely avoids GMO's and caffeine! 


Nightshades (tobacco, tomatoes, white potatoes, hot peppers, cayenne, egg-plant, paprika) are never mentioned in the Bible. Yet, they have become a major part of almost every American meal in modern times! That is just asking for trouble. They have been linked to inflammation (arthritis), and other problems.


After the fall of man, we are no longer free to eat "every" green herb in an absolute sense. You could die quickly, or slowly, or become sick or at least weak, by doing so. To eat an herb that we do not "know" (by God's revelation, or wise investigation) may bring death in the pot! God has not ordained nightshades. And for centuries they were seen as poisons. To assume our forefathers were idiots in these matters is often rash and presumptuous. I believe the rise in arthritis and other inflammatory diseases since nightshades have been incorporated in the diet (through propaganda - read about the history of Campbell's tomato soup) are proof that we need to reconsider God's silence, thousands of years of Biblical history, and the wisdom of our forefathers. Then, there are numerous medical researchers today who have demonstrated that the poisons in the green leaves of nightshades are still present in the fruits, roots and tubers, etc. And many have had almost immediate healing in regard to stiffness and joint pain by refraining from nightshades. Furthermore, inflammation in the body causes more problems than mere arthritis and aches and pains. 


Then, there are mushrooms. God in the Bible ordains seed-bearing plants with green leaves. But mushrooms are the garbage-cleaners of the soil (much like vultures and other scavengers in the animal kingdom that God prohibits). Brady is wise to avoid these toxic trash cans, as he does the nightshades. 


As to organic and non-GMO, this should be obvious. It is insane to manipulate God's creation, and grow foods with human dung as fertilizer, filled with toxic pesticide residues. I have warned against these things for decades.


Caffeine does not give anyone energy. After the first drink, it only brings withdrawal symptoms so that the drug is needed just to be normal. It is also a thyroid disruptor.


Alcohol is foolish and it is an endocrine disruptor. That is not good for men who desire to be strong and manly. The Bible commands us not to even look at alcohol (Prov. 23).


I have also been warning against white sugar for decades. The Bible ordains raw, chemical-free honey, and fruits of palm trees, etc. Even then it warns us to use honey sparingly. Cane sugar rots the teeth and raises blood sugar and is linked to heart disease and many other problems. 


Many people are gluten intolerant. Avoiding gluten for decades changed my life, and likely saved it. The rise in gluten intolerance may be due to the pesticides, or the commercial wheat, or the bromine. Whatever the case, it is indeed an epidemic.


In the Bible, "salt" was more than mere sodium chloride, mixed with toxic chemicals. Finding the most natural salt, that also contains magnesium, etc., is not easy.


Eating meats without hormones should also be obvious. Why would anyone want the females in their families to be filled with testosterone, while the boys and men get filled with estrogen? I know that many do want this (for population control, and the homosexual agenda), but why should the ordinary American put up with this attack?


White flour is filled with bromine (a thyroid disruptor, carcinogen, etc.), and several other things, such as bleach, etc. It has been stripped of nutrients, and raises blood sugar, etc. Organic whole grains, prepared the way God intended (sprouted, sourdough, fresh, etc.), are the right choice.


These things alone, if diligently followed, I believe, will bring amazing health. I have practiced the above for many years, in ways that many see as extreme. But I believe the resulting health has been worth it.


The things I partly disagree with Tom Brady (or his health adviser) about, are basically the non-dairy issue. If dairy is chemical free, from pasture grazing cows, and mostly raw, it should be a major part of every person's diet, according to God. It gives iodine, and so much else that is needed by the body. 


Likewise, the idea that meats such as beef, etc., are bad, is misguided. When they are organic, and eaten the way God intended, they will make us strong. They are unhealthy with added nitrates (in processed meats), corn syrup, etc. And it is unhealthy to eat unclean flesh (pork, etc.), antibiotics, hormones, and in general, meat from animals raised without sunshine, fed unnatural diets (like pig blood and newspaper mixed with chicken manure, soy, etc.). And mixing external fat and blood (and whatever else is left over on the floor) into "hamburger" is unwise. 


By avoiding processed meats and hamburgers, and most store-bought dairy, Brady has indeed saved himself from many unhealthy additives, etc. Yet, clean, raw, grass-fed dairy, and clean meats, raised and prepared in Biblical ways, could add even greater strength to his life. 


The Bible also gives us much guidance on which plants/vegetables to eat. 


May we all keep researching and learning, and thanking God for His revealed wisdom. And I pray that Tom Brady will one day learn the wisdom of the Bible, and will give God the glory due His name (to whatever degree he doesn't).









































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