Garlic inhibits and detoxes mercury and other toxic metals, from fish meals, and other sources of exposure!

December 2, 2018


In a previous post, we examined how smaller fish have less mercury, and that grilling and frying fish reduces the availability of mercury. But there is more that can be done to guard against mercury.


Notice some research concerning garlic:


"Garlic contains potential chelating chemicals which can potentially increase the excretion of methylmercury [when eating contaminated fish, etc.]..."
(BioMed Research International, Volume 2015) 


"Animal experiments show garlic juice can reduce 50% of mercury levels in different organs of rats (Lee et al., 1999)."



"Thiol compounds found in garlic also act as mercury chelators…"
(Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 2015)


Furthermore, garlic (and onions) increase glutathione (GSH) in the body. GSH has been called the most powerful antioxidant in the body. It has been shown to reduce mercury bioavailability:


"GSH is also the most effective compound (97% reduction) [of mercury]..."
(In Vitro Evaluation of Dietary Compounds to Reduce Mercury Bioavailability)


[Raw milk also helps replenish GSH]


"Given that toxic metals have great affinity for sulphur-containing peptides, diets rich in sulphur-containing foods such as alliums (e.g. garlic)...have been suggested for effects on glutathione...Garlic prevented cadmium-induced kidney damage and decreased the oxidative damage due to lead in rats..."
(ScientificWorldJournal. 2013)


"In order to investigate the beneficial effects of 0.5 or 1.0 g/kg Korean garlic juice against the embryotoxicity of 20 mg/kg methylmercury chloride (MMC, CH3HgCl), pregnant Fisher 344 rats were simultaneously orally administered on day 7 of gestation...Garlic juice depressed the toxicity in terms of some parameters...Decreasing rates of mercury levels in dams were 67.2% in liver, 57.6% in brain, 47.2% in kidney, 42.1% in spleen and 40.9% in blood. As well, decreasing rates of mercury level in fetuses were 54.9% in all body burden, 55.9% in liver, 46.7% in kidney and 37% in brain, respectively...These findings indicated that garlic juice effectively inhibited the embryotoxicity of methylmercury in pregnant Fischer 344 rats."
(Yonsei Med J. 1999 Oct)


Let's eat more organic garlic, onions, etc. (Numbers 11:5)!

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