Moringa linked to lowered thryoid hormones - especially in females

December 19, 2018



Various plants often become fads among health-food enthusiasts. They can have many beneficial nutrients. But it is important to find out how plants affect iron and zinc absorption, thyroid hormones, testosterone, etc. Otherwise, many crucial body systems may be compromised or hindered. Notice that Moringa decreased thyroid hormones in female rats. Several testimonies from people confirm the same experience in humans:

“Following the administration of the extract, serum triiodothyronine (T(3)) concentration and hepatic LPO decreased… in female rats, while in males no significant changes were observed…the lower concentration of this plant extract may be used for the regulation of hyperthyroidism…”
(Pharmacol Res. 2000 Mar;41)


Other than those who experience hyper-thyroidism, many suffer from decreased thryoid levels, and are not aware that their sluggishness, apathy, depression, brain-fog (and so much more) may be related to certain things in their diet impairing the thyroid.

















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