Depression can be linked to physical problems such as overt or mild hypothyroidism

December 26, 2018


Spirit, soul and body must all be considered when defining and seeking health. In the modern drug business, prescriptions are written and fulfilled like an order at a fast food restaurant. Dangerous anti-depressants have been prescribed to millions (and the number is growing - even children), leading to temptations to suicide, numb or calloused thinking, and medical problems. 


How much different the world could be if more would allow God and His Word to heal our whole spirit, soul and body. In regard to the body, Biblical nutrition (diet) helps insure a healthy thyroid. Yet, so much in the modern diet and environment seeks to impair it, leading to weakness, confusion, and often anxiety or depression.


For example, often, gloomy, unmotivated people can be suffering from gluten intolerance - which involves thyroid impairment. Notice:


"…although in childhood, overt hypothyroidism is known to severely affect growth and neurocognitive development, the effects of mild hypothyroidism are still not completely defined."
(J Endocr Soc. 2018 Sep 1)


"Do you have one or more of the following symptoms?...Unexplained weight gain or loss…Swelling, puffiness…Low energy, depressed mood…Racing heart, anxiety…Lethargy, sleeplessness…Digestive disturbances, constipation…Brain fog, forgetfulness…Aching muscles, cramps…Hair loss, thinning…Dry skin, brittle nails…If so, you could…have some type of thyroid problem. If you also suffer from symptoms of depression, did you know that a normal thyroid test can be masking a critical link between these two conditions?...the thyroid helps maintain healthy weight, overall immunity, and even regulates mood and memory functions… hypothyroidism is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in America…In my experience, a vast majority of psychiatric symptoms are actually driven by thyroid dysfunction… I'm not alone in these observations. Scientists like Dr. Mark S. Gold, a world-renowned addiction expert, have long known about the relationship between a dysfunctional thyroid and symptoms of depression…Complaints of low energy, flat mood, poor sleep, and appetite disturbance, are too easily hung on the nail of ‘depression,’ for which an easy fix is applied – a prescription for antidepressant medication…The standard medical test for thyroid, called TSH, measures thyroid stimulating hormone levels. Even when doctors perform this test, their interpretation of the clinical picture is limited by their biases. I speak from experience when I say that most physicians are simply not trained to diagnose thyroid imbalance properly…TSH measures only one hormone in the blood, rather than the entire range of thyroid-produced hormones (of which there are five identified). And doctors rarely look at free hormone levels – levels of thyroid hormones in the blood that aren't bound to proteins… Thanks to growing awareness among sufferers, what constitutes a normal thyroid test result has come under scrutiny. Results may fall within normal range even when thyroid autoantibodies are grossly elevated and data suggests that this is relevant to those suffering from mood, anxiety, and cognitive complaints…The thyroid contains proteins that resemble those found in gluten, confusing the immune system, which pounces on the thyroid like a foreign invader. Studies show people with celiac disease have three times the risk of thyroid dysfunction, as well as a strong association between untreated celiac disease and depression… Once used to suppress overactive thyroid, fluoride interferes with multiple aspects of the thyroid’s tissues, disrupts normal hormone physiology, displaces iodine and depletes selenium, two critically essential elements for thyroid function… Industrial and agricultural chemicals such as phthalates, flame retardants, and PCBs interfere with the thyroid’s biology… The thyroid is a canary in the coalmine. In our fast-paced, nutrient-depleted world that’s filled with toxic substances, your thyroid gland may be the first to come under siege. While you may not feel the attack in your thyroid per se, you'll feel it in your mood and cognition…"
(Dr. Kelly Brogan)

"The role of thyroid in brain health has been the subject of speculation for over a century. As noted in a 1949 paper in the British Medical Journal…'Since 1888 the Committee of the Clinical society of London reported on the mental changes observed in over 100 cases of Myxoedema and noted the general retardation, sluggishness and slowness of apprehension, which was associated with insanity in the form of melancholia, chronic mania and dementia'…"
(Dr. Kelly Brogan)


Testimonies abound of the amazing differences in emotional outlook, energy levels, initiative, etc., enjoyed after people avoid gluten, and/or other thyroid inhibitors, and began eating Biblical foods, prepared in the proper manner (soaking, fermenting, etc.), in right combinations.


As one medical doctor has stated, in effect, "We often give people the pharma drugs, when other options are available, because that is what they want. They do not have the self-control or desire to eat right and exercise and avoid unhealthy things. So we are actually saving their lives, even if the side effects are destructive."


This is also why so many people argue that they have "tried" the natural alternatives - not realizing (or willing to realize) the destructive things in the diet that they are still poisoning themselves with - things that often bring effects at the smallest amounts - especially in regard to the hormones. 



























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