More evidence against moderate drinking

April 5, 2019


The Holy Bible clearly teaches that so-called moderate drinking (of alcoholic beverages) is wrong, and unhealthy. It teaches us not to even "look" at the alcoholic wine (Proverbs 23), and shows how it is addicting. The Bible uses the word "wine" to refer to unfermented juice in several places (e.g., "wine" is found in the cluster, and in the press). In recent years, more and more scientific research has been affirming the wise prohibition of Proverbs 23. Notice the latest:


"LONDON, April 4 (Reuters) - Blood pressure and stroke risk rise steadily the more alcohol people drink, and previous claims that one or two drinks a day might protect against stroke are not true, according to the results of a major genetic study...The research, which used data from a 160,000-strong cohort of Chinese adults, many of whom are unable to drink alcohol due to genetic intolerance, found that people who drink moderately - consuming 10 to 20 grams of alcohol a day - raise their risk of stroke by 10 to 15 percent.For heavy drinkers, consuming four or more drinks a day, blood pressure rises significantly and the risk of stroke increases by around 35 percent, the study found. 'The key message here is that, at least for stroke, there is no protective effect of moderate drinking,' said Zhengming Chen, a professor at Oxford University's Nuffield Department of Population Health who co-led the research..." 


This agrees with earlier research:


"There is no safe amount of alcohol, according to a new global report...The benefits of your evening glass of red wine are unlikely to outweigh the risks of drinking. That's according to a new study, published by The Lancet, which supports previous research that there is no safe level of alcohol..."
(Insider, Aug. 24, 2018)


The Big Alcohol industry will not be able to continue covering-up the emerging science. The Bible is always right, and it's instructions and wisdom are thousands of years ahead of modern research. Think of back when the "experts" taught the world that chemical-free butter should be replaced with Crisco and margarine, and that eggs were bad to eat, etc. The Word of God is the lamp for our feet and the foundation to reason upon and we explore our natural world and research.








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