Garlic (and other, Biblical prebiotics) aid the brain, etc. New research rebukes mainstream-medicine and Big Pharma

April 8, 2019



Not only is garlic a powerful, natural antibiotic (Med Hypotheses. 1983 Nov;12), but it actually feeds and promotes beneficial gut flora. And this leads to many health benefits:


Could eating garlic reduce aging-related memory problems?...Consuming garlic helps counteract age-related changes in gut bacteria associated with memory problems, according to a new study conducted with mice…’Our findings suggest that dietary administration of garlic containing allyl sulfide could help maintain healthy gut microorganisms and improve cognitive health in the elderly,’ said Jyotirmaya Behera, PhD, who lead the research team with Neetu Tyagi, PhD, both from University of Louisville…”
(Experimental Biology. "Could eating garlic reduce aging-related memory problems?." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 8 April 2019)


Research is increasingly finding that "feeding" the beneficial bugs of the belly is crucial to health – including the health of our brains! This goes beyond probiotics, and reveals the amazing results of prebiotics.


Pro-vaccine physicians of the 19th century taught that all the bugs of the belly should be eradicated. Anti-vaccine physicians and researchers argued that this was reckless and presumptuous, and that one day we may find that many of these bugs have important purposes in regard to our health. They were right! They are a crucial key, to not only our physical health in general, but also to our emotional and brain health!


Then, after vaccines, came the big-pharma antibiotics. They were supposed to "save the world" from all disease. Instead, they spawned harmful super-bugs and compromised the immune system and healthy bugs of almost the whole population (as does chlorinated water, etc.). 


The Bible reveals that garlic is an aid to strength and fertility. God used it to strengthen the Israelites when they were slaves to the Egyptians.


Other amazing prebiotics include carob, raw onions, leeks, asparagus, green bananas, etc. The Bible was right (of course!). God reveals things before they are discovered. King Solomon was way ahead of modern researchers. Notice what he says about the belly:


Song of Solomon 7:2…thy belly is like an heap of wheat set about with lilies.


Solomon is not only teaching lofty spiritual truths. He is also teaching medical science for the belly. Lilies are edible, and garlic and onions are in the lily family. Solomon also links emotional health to the belly (Proverbs 18:8 – and see “bowels” throughout the Bible).


Quality fiber is a major key to the health of the belly as Solomon shows us - and he is so much ahead of modern medicine that he can instruct us in physical things while using beautiful poetry!









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