Only 3 days of plastic-free results in large BPA reduction!

July 19, 2019



“We selected 20 participants in five families based on self-reported use of canned and packaged foods. Participants ate their usual diet, followed by 3 days of ‘fresh foods’ that were not canned or packaged in plastic, and then returned to their usual diet. We collected evening urine samples over 8 days…Urine levels of BPA and DEHP metabolites decreased significantly during the fresh foods intervention…The intervention reduced GM concentrations of BPA by 66% and DEHP metabolites by 53–56%. Maxima were reduced by 76% for BPA and 93–96% for DEHP metabolites…BPA and DEHP exposures were substantially reduced when participants’ diets were restricted to food with limited packaging…Three days of eating food with limited food packaging was associated with substantial reductions in BPA and DEHP exposures…”

(Environ Health Perspect. 2011 Jul 1; 119(7))


When the families returned to their normal-diet, BPA levels rose again. How sad it is that so many will not make the sacrifices to radically bring down these BPA levels. Many could find their afflictions eradicated or greatly reduced. May God help people to wake up and realize what they (and others) are doing to their bodies!

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