The BPA link to migraines

July 19, 2019



In animal studies, BPA has been linked to behavior associated with migraines:


BPA treatment significantly exacerbated migraine-like behaviors in rats. Rats exposed to BPA demonstrated decreased locomotion, exacerbated light and sound aversion, altered grooming habits, and enhanced startle reflexes…While the EPA has deemed the safe maximum dose of BPA to be 50 μg/kg/day (Leranth et al., 2008), it is estimated that many humans are exposed to levels approximately 10 times this amount (Vandenberg et al., 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013)…chronic, daily exposure to BPA may have detrimental effects on the symptoms of a variety of diseases…BPA-treated rats exhibited significantly decreased distance traveled as compared to vehicle-treated animals, indicating exacerbation of migraine-like behaviors following BPA treatment. Bouts of low mobility (BLM), which assess inactivity in response to treatment, increased significantly over the course of the 7 treatment events for both the onset and persistence phases… rats exposed to BPA demonstrated significantly augmented migraine-like behaviors. These results imply that BPA has the ability to amplify symptoms that are used to diagnose the disorder in human patients, suggesting that exposure to BPA would increase both the incidence and prevalence of this disorder…The current data support the hypothesis that BPA exposure leads to an increase in migraine severity and duration…”
(Toxicological Sciences, Volume 137, Issue 2, February 2014)


This dangerous, endocrine perverter is found in plastic water bottles, food packaging, the lining of soup cans, etc., and cardboard milk containers, etc. Modern Americans are saturating their bodies with this chemical. 


Sadly, the results above show a decrease in activity-level as a result of BPS exposure. Therefore, the more exposure, the less drive people will have to do anything about the fact that they are routinely poisoning themselves!



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